Offering the solutions your business
needs for an IoT success in the market

The Norwegian Safe4 Security Group is an international smart technology corporation building on its legacy from the security industry. We facilitate the creation of new recurring revenue business in compliance with the desire of the IoT industry.

Safe4 is a supplier of security and IoT solutions for medium and large companies in Scandinavia and globally, within industries like Telecom, Energy, Safety, Broadband/Cabel-TV, Healthcare, IoT, Rental and Insurance, and in addition local security providers.

We offer full turn-key solutions which combines traditional and innovative new services for white label customers :

Divisions of Safe4

Safe4 markets its products under the onestiPRODUCTS brand. OnestiPRODUCTS is a division of Safe4 Security Group.
Click here for the onestiPRODUCTS website

Furthermore, our IoT platform is marketed as Iotiliti. Click here to go to the Iotiliti website

We believe in the willingness to share ideas

Safe4’s business model reflects that we strongly believe that the greatest victories come from working together with our partners. Therefore, we partner with market leaders with edge technology and can offer a wide range of  advanced IoT solutions and services.

We highly applaude enthusiasm and the willingness to share ideas and knowledge. Safe4 also believes that entering into strategic partnerships offers valuable add-ons to our mutual businesses.

We believe in freedom to choose

Safe4 provides you with the freedom to decide which devices you prefer for your IoT solution, in addition to the HomeGate AiO (All-in-One).

We therefore also give you the freedom to choose when deciding on the right technological platform for your business offerings. Our HomeGate AiO is platform independent. It has great communication capabilities and can be tailored to almost any modern and open platform.

Securing Your Connected Life