Alarm Receiving Centre

Safe4’s Alarm Receiving Centre is certified and approved by the European Standard for Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres  (EN 50518).

Safe4 monitors companies, institutions, private homes, public areas, mobile units and people traveling around the clock, 365 days a year. Safe4 provides the best solution for homes and businesses. The ARC has international coverage with an independent and open infrastructure.

Security is part of our DNA
Safe4 has leading expertise and technology for tracking and retrieval of all types of objects. In addition, the security operators have vast security experience. First of all, our professional operators are subject to confidentiality agreements and also have security clearances according to Norwegian and international regulations. Alarm operators have leading operator skills and are trained in camera handling and situation analysis.



We care for families and offer an innovative and advanced home security solution to the market.  Safe4 monitors fire alarms, burglar alarms, water leak and gas leak alarms and also healthcare alarms. All alarm signals are handled efficiently and according to agreements and procedures at our Alarm Receiving Centre.

The gateway, HomeGate AiO from onesti Products, is the hub in our Home Alarm Solution and offers the consumer the freedom to choose to connect other smart home devices  and healthcare devices to his home security system. In other words, this is a total Smart Living Concept where the Alarm Receiving Center also can handle data from the household’s energy consumption and act as caretaker of a home’s Big Data.

We recomment subscribing to services from our Alarm Receiving Centre, this includes monthly subscriptions or on-demand services in a range varying from Manned Security Services to monitoring of laundry services or grocery deliveries.

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healthcare services from safe4

Safe4 provides tracking services and safety app’s so that people can feel safe when working alone or when having to travel in areas that are considered dangerous. Safe4 personal alarms combine advanced GPS transmitters with two-way communication. Our security operators  can get a full overview of any situation the person is in. As a result, he or she can give quick and accurate response to various alarms.

Welfare institutions, as well as people working alone, today benefit from using personal security alarms and technology from Safe4.


Our technology allows Geofencing (electronic “fence” around a defined area) and positioning. We follow the guidelines from national Regulatory authorities and are careful when it comes to protecting the Privacy of individuals. Using a Safe4 personal alarm, the GPS position of people, animals and vehicles can easily be tracked if they get lost or stolen.


digital healhcare services

People who feel unsafe or do not have an optimal state of health, may request that the Alarm Receiving Centre monitor their movements. In case of emergency, when an alarm is triggered whatever cause, the alarm will alert the security operator. The operator will then contact the person by use of technological health care devices with two-way speech or cell phone to find out the need for assistance. If it is impossible to achieve contact, or the person is in need of help, the operator will contact emergency personnel and direct them to the person.

Tracking services

Tracking devices are of great help for patients with Alzheimer’s, their families or institutions. Safe4 follow the guidelines from national Regulatory authorities and are careful when it comes to protecting the Privacy of individuals.

Safety alarm connected to a residential alarm

Emergency buttons or remote controls can be added to our Residential Alarms. We, of course, instruct our alarm operators to give Emergency alarms the highest priority.




In partnership with Safe4’s reputable suppliers and installation partners, we design the best solution for your business.

Safe4’s solutions are cost efficient and our alarm operators monitor your business and protect your employees and your valuables around the clock, 365 days a year.

Safe4 is in the forefront of technological developments and we carefully protect your company’s privacy and the privacy of your customers.

Alarm operators have leading operator expertise and assist clients with advice and support.


Alarm and camera solutions from Safe4 ensure high security 24/7/365. Safe4’s Alarm Receiving Centre has up to date technological solutions for receiving, storing and processing video signals.

The operators can remotely control the cameras, open doors or gates and turn lights on and off. In addition,

Safe4 offers solutions where the alarm operator performs electronic (remote) inspections of areas after set intervals or as random tasks.

If an alarm is triggered, the operator consequently can view live video. In addition , he can retrieve videos from the time before the alarm was triggered. Thus, the incident is documented with video and the operator is then able to analyze the situation.

Intelligent Video Analysis

By using Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), a camera will trigger an alarm on predefined events and objects. When an alarm is triggered, the operator will view video in real time. In addition, he will retrieve video from the time before the alarm was activated.

When an alarm is triggered, the operator has established procedures tailored to the customers site to be followed.

Intelligent technical and manual supervision minimizes false alarms significantly, which in turn reduces the number of errors call-outs and thereby cost.

Cloud Based Storage

Safe4 utilizes cloud solutions from reputable camera suppliers.

The cloud-based storage solution reduces customer investments and increase the security.

Our ARC handles your storage of security data.

Your monitoring benefits

  • Cheaper than using manned security

  • Preventive effect

  • Alerts burglary/robbery

  • Enables remote access

  • Fear factor for criminals

  • Prevents increased injury rates (burglary, water damage, fire damage)

  • Provides increased safety for people

  • Facilitates evidence



Safe4’s switchboard services can replace your corporate switchboard also outside office hours. If you prefer, our Alarm Receiving Centre can assist customers when the switchboard is heavily loaded or during lunch breaks.

Safe4 has experienced operators who can attend to your business’ need for a professional concierge service 24/7. This meaning, business managers do not have to think of hiring and training temporary workers in case of illness amongst their own staff.

Business customers obtain

  • Increased profitability

  • Increased availability

  • Professional operating switchboard

  • All phones are answered quickly

  • Logging of all calls, statistics and reports


We notify your business in the event of outages, other operations-critical or any abnormal events when you have an operations alarm installed.

Operating alarms alert Safe4’s Alarm Receiving Centre of interruptions or disruptions in everything from your servers to your freezers.

The EN-certified ARC receives the signals and helps to ensure that the operation continues as normal.


Safe4 receives signals from AddSecure, which allows the forwarding of fire alarms directly to the Fire Department.
Other alarm signals are processed by the Safe4 operators.

  • Monitoring of power supply

  • Monitoring of temperature

  • Notification of outages/larger temperature fluctuations

  • Alarm animal farming etc.


Elevator alarms with two-way voice connection. Safe4 handles and all kinds of alarms and fault messages. Elevator alarms are directed to the ARC where operators will take action according to established procedures and checklists.

The operator dispatches guards, elevator mechanics or emergency services when needed. An important part of the operator’s tasks, of course,  is also to ensure that persons trapped in the elevator can feel safe and not alone. The alarm operator keeps the dialogue going until help arrives.

Safe4 can receive elevator alarms from AddSecure (Safetel).
In addition Safe4 also handles the following protocols:


Our ARC is operational 24/7/365 and can assist businesses, municipalities and others by notifying the customer’s emergency team in case of emergencies and disasters.

In addition, security officers from Safe4 Risk Solutions are very experienced in handling emergencies and advise in crisis.

Safe4 Risk Solutions works daily with crisis and emergency plans for municipalities and businesses and the drilling of organizations in how to deal with unforeseen events.

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