Safe4 HomeGate

Safe4 HomeGate

Through an own developed, world-leading IoT gateway technology using open protocols, and certified monitoring services, Safe4 creates pre-conditions for 3rd party sensor technology being offered to high volume portfolios through a partner- and loyalty friendly business model

The only gateway you will ever need
in your home. Our HomeGate safeguards your security, your smart home, your welfare and your care solutions. It has a universal and inclusive technology and communicates with all smart objects that use open standard. 

IoT Ready / Smart House Ready 
 Internet of things, smart home technology, your everyday and care technology - many names of a large number of technological equipment in your home. Our HomeGate handles them all in a virtually unlimited number.    

Easier living with HomeGate 

  • Automated settings that think for you
  • A System that can correct your oversights
  • Giving access to others without you even being at home
  • Controlling all functions in your home without even being present

The gateway is ZigBee ready, and works with an comprehensive whitelist of tested and approved ZigBee devices.

The gateway is also prepared as hardware for multiple wireless IoT technology standards, such as Thread, Wifi, z-wave, GSM, Bluetooth, GPS, RF 433Mhz, RF 868Mhz and RF 2,4Ghz. This enables exciting delivery options for B2B and industrial customers.»

. See our product "whitelist" here

Safe4 offers an OPEN SORCE STANDARD and SECURE gateway for all verticals and industries, to aggregate BIG DATA analytics and "LAST MILE" operations through international monitoring services from our IOT Central and partner eco-systems.

HomeGate is marketed through our nationwide partner network consisting of locksmiths, electricians and security companies.

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