Connecting all your smart devices and controlling everything through one single app.

smart livingIntroducing the next generation IoT smart home and living solutions to the global market.

Safe4 is in the lead introducing the next generation of Smart Home solutions to the global market. We focus on simplifying everyday life through advanced, uninterruptible solutions which communicates with products using open source standard protocols. We offer the freedom of choice.

By use of the Onesti platform, security components and smart devices are controlled via an app, and most repetitive functions in the home can be automated. Consumers will benefit from an easier and safer life free from remote controls and manual operations. The “system” even “overrules” one’s forgetfulness and make sure the home always is safe and secure.

Our gateway, HomeGate, communicates with digital door-locks and consumers may manage their access control via app, without even being present. When the alarm is activated, the water stop valve is automatically activated if the property owner has automated this function. Likewise, pre-programmed power connections will be disabled.

The Internet of Things, Smart Home Technology, Healthcare and everyday life technology are many names on a large number of technological tools in modern homes.
Our flagship, the HomeGate, can handle them all of a virtually unlimited number, as long as their technology is based on open source standards.

Our solutions are built on our expertise and experience from the security industry, but we unashamedly claim we are far more than a security company. Our proprietary technology wins in the market and enables our partners offer products and solutions that give them an edge in the competition to win households across the globe and be at the forefront in the development of the Internet of Things. Safe4 facilitates to provide security, smart home and care solutions to our customers' customers.

We expand the Safe4 Smart Living concept by having partnered up with providers of Smart Living  Services to private homes. Our Alarm Receiving Centre monitors the activities of Service personnel when given access to the property.

Safe4 facilitates an easier life where our solutions

  • prevents DAMAGE
  • protects LIFE and PROPERTY
  • Save TIME & COSTS
  • safeguards HEALTHCAREING

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