24 February 2017


IoT Gateway for smart livingAt the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona Safe4 Security Group introduces the unique IoT-platform and the onestiAPP to the world.

 - At last year’s congress we introduced our IoT gateway, the HomeGate. Our IoT platform enables the HomeGate to communicate with an unlimited number of security components and smart living devices. Our onestiApp offers secure, easy and user-friendly management of your home, says Bjørge Kraft, CEO at Safe4 Security Group.

Business model creating new revenue streams
By use of Safe4’s IoT platform, our partners are able to develop innovative business models and create new revenue streams. Safe4 has developed a complete GTM-ready Smart Living Concept, called onesti.
-Our partners can offer a trustworthy customer promise by utilizing their existing brand or choose to go to market with the onesti brand.  The platform, of course, supports multiple models. This IoT platform is go-to-market-ready and is adaptable for all kinds of business scales and integrations you may need for your solution.  Safe4 leads the way with our disruptive, smart and innovative IoT platform for Security and Smart Living Solutions, says Bjørge Kraft.

Successively white-listing smart products
Safe4 certifies and white-lists 3rd party products to the platform, and the “works with” brand is labeled on all approved products. Safe4 also provides an overview of the certification results, rating the protocol, the radio, the range and the battery.

Full control of your home by use of one single app
Safe4 offers a concept for Smart Living solutions, simplifying everyday life. The hub in the solution is the Safe4 HomeGate, which communicates with a wide range of components using open standard protocols, everything from smart bulbs to digital door-locks. By use of one single app the consumers have full access control to their homes and full control of approximately all their smart devices.
-Of course, the HomeGate also communicates with the Safe4’s IoT Central, our certified Alarm Receiving Centre and the backbone in our Secure and Smart Living world. We monitor all activities in the home and responds to alarms, Bjørge Kraft explains.

 Learn more about the Safe4 IoT platform at stand 6H20 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.                   

For more information, please contact:
Bjørge Kraft, CEO, Safe4 Security Group AS, mob +47 920 36 023, bk@safe4.com
Svein Ingebretsen, Chief Foreign Affairs, Safe4 Security Group AS, mob +47 995 76 303, si@safe4.com