Key components to create a credible and sustainable ecosystem for delivering goods and services to end-users

Central elements in our ecosystem

Bringing advanced technology and user experience closer together

Safe4 focuses on innovation, but first and foremost, on giving end-users the freedom to choose. We offer Smart Living concepts that safeguard and simplify daily life for families and businesses. For our B2B customers we offer tailored solutions.

Our security solutions contribute to the protection against burglary, fire, water leaks and gas leaks. In addition, we focus on healthcare solutions which ensure the safety and care function for elderly and disabled.

People that need need 24/7 assistance or being monitored in emergency situations, benefit from our personal alarms.

We expand the Safe4 Smart Living concept by partnering up with providers of Smart Living Services to private households. On home owner’s demand our Alarm Receiving Centre can supervise the activities of service personnel when given access to a property.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

We lead the way with our disruptive, smart and innovative IoT platform for security and Smart Living.

The heart of our business is, of course, our IoT platform. Our solutions contribute to intelligent real time insights, exploring the ability to collect and analyze Big Data to transform your business.

The end-user has access to, and is the sole owner of, the household’s Big Data. Safe4 is a neutral player and the  safekeeper of  this information.

Besides, we also offer IoT consulting services to ensure the best business solution for your company.

By recording every day activity patterns, our intelligent solutions are able to suggest automation.