Slide1 The smart choice when
introducing Smart Living
All-in-one solution for connecting
wireless devices
smart home Bringing advanced technology
and user experience
closer together
Offering great IoT communication skills
world Offering end-to-end
Smart Living Solutions
to industries in search of
recurring revenue and
a consumer-friendly interface

Join our innovative and flexible eco-system

HomeGate AiO

Supporting solutions within Security, Safety, Smart and Care. Collecting data from connected smart devices

Multiple protocol support:
Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus, Bluetooth, Dual Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Ready


Platform and software
processing and orchestrating
of data for view in customized user interface

Storing households’
Big Data and
offering smart services


Services and  partner tools supporting your business
and expanding your current systems

Alarm Receiving Centre,
Cloud data storage,
Partner support module

What we offer

what we do - safe4

All-in-One solution

If your company has ambitions in the IoT market, it is worthwhile to take a look at what we can offer. We have all-in-one solutions that are secure, giving you freedom to choose among wireless devices, brands and platforms supporting solutions within Safety, Smart Home and Home Healthcare. We are experts in alarm handling / sensor response and we develop innovative and complete go-to-market models.


Safe4 offers peace of mind for your end-users. We bring to the market a flexible gateway for connecting all smart devices in a home or a building. Through this, we contribute to easier living and a comfortable home environment for end-users. Our solution contains amongst other solutions smart energy administration, smart home healthcare and smart building management systems.  Our gateway can connect your devices, giving them additional functionality or capability.

Our Approach

Vision - safe4

Advanced IoT Gateway

With our advanced IoT Gateway, the HomeGate AiO, our technology and our certified monitoring services, Safe4 ensures that virtually any 3rd party sensor technology can be qualified and offered to high volume portfolios. We do this through a partner-friendly business model.

Our subsidiary company, onesti Products, offers white label products for the entire IoT industry giving you the freedom to choose the products you prefer from any supplier.

Iotiliti – independent platform

You can easily integrate the first generation HomeGate, the latest HomeGate AiO, or most other modern gateways to our Iotiliti platform which is gateway independent, scalable, integration oriented, and ready to be white-labeled.

We are a neutral party in the world of Internet of Things and provide security while guarding yours and your customers’ Big Data.

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