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Personal information

We do not store personal information about you from our website. Our partners and distributors are the ones who own the customer relationship with private customers.

However, Safe4 automatically receives and stores information from your browser, such as IP address, cookie information, and pages you visit, to our log files on our server and 3rd party applications like Google Analytics. The information is used for the following purposes: Improve the site’s content, user statistics, to meet your product and service requests, as well as to improve our services.

Information about cookies

This site uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that the website stores on the user’s machine. We use cookies to improve the site for the user. There are two types of cookies. The one type stores a file for a long period of time on the visitor’s computer and is there to facilitate individual users’ activities. This type of cookies is used to measure the number of page views and visitors for internal statistics systems and to our provider of an external statistical system. The information collected regarding statistics is anonymous and does not contain name, e-mail or any other information that can be linked to a specific person.

The other type of cookies are so-called session cookies. When you are in and visit a page, this cookie is temporarily stored in your data memory, for example, to remember which language you have selected. Session cookies are not stored for a long time in the user’s computer, On this site, both types of cookies are used to make it easier for you to use our pages. If you do not accept the use of cookies as described above, you can set your browser to prevent cookies. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. Please note that this may reduce the functionality of the site.

Additional information

Safe4 reserves the right at any time to review the site’s policy or content on the site. If you have any questions about the content of this site, privacy or our use of your information, please contact us at:

Safe4 Security Group AS
Maridalsveien 300
0872 Oslo

Safe4 uses personal data in accordance with the requirements of The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  2016/679

Personal data:

In order to enter into an agreement with Safe4 Security Group AS, and in order for us to offer you our products and services, our requirement is that you provide certain personal information to Safe4. If you do not provide the personal information Safe4 needs to run our business, unfortunately, we cannot enter into an agreement with you or offer you our products and services.

Personal data, in this connection meaning information about a physical person, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and dynamic IP address. Such information can also provide information about a person’s behavioural patterns. The collection of a person’s movement and the choices made using systems and equipment are also personal data, if they are connected to a real person and if the data is sent and stored in various systems.

Safe4 collects personal data in order to provide our customers with specific services.

Collection and processing of personal data

The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is enabling Safe4 to provide the services our customers require.

Safe4 processes information from various sources, either information entered manually taken from contracts or other documents, or information that we receive electronically either by APP or web site, or information entered directly into systems.

Information is processed in the systems where such processing is necessary in order for us to provide the requested services.

Within the Alarm Receiving Centre services, Safe4 only process personal data in connection with the alarm system, which is connected to Safe4 and our related services.

The Onesti system, to which the customer has access through an App, there will be data from various rooms in the house where there are sensors. These data are presented in the App to you as a user of the system, together with more information that may be of an additional value to you.

Safe4 does not connect personal data for any use other than what is agreed upon with the user

Safe4 uses subcontractors (3. party). This could be contractors with their own system for alarm handling and CCTV handling such as security companies with guards, 112-centres (emergency services) and companies with systems for login, support and statistics from a web side.  A complete list of subcontractors can be found HERE: Alarm Technology Partners

Safe4 will always use our technical and organizational security measures for securing and protecting personal data that is processed in our systems, against any unauthorized or illegal processing, and/or against accidental or unlawful loss, destruction or change, and/or against unauthorized delivery of or access to such personal data. The transfer of data via APP/Web is encrypted. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is secured by a firewall and all processing machines are secured by security certificates.

Only personnel that need information in the various systems has access to the specific information. User rights are governed by the role and training of the specific operator.

Processing responsibility:

Safe4 Security Group AS,

Tor Steinar Bredesen
CPO – Chief Process Officer
Mail: tsb@safe4.com

Requirements in addition to GDPR:

Safe4 Security Group AS also operates under regulations connected to certification of our Alarm Receiving Centre. These regulations are valid for the following areas of operation: data security, training of personnel, access to systems and data, risk assessments, and regulations regarding the implementation of the services we offer.

Data deletion:

Personal data is stored only as long as you have an active customer relationship (ie an active customer subscription) with Safe4 Security Group AS. Personal data is deleted when your customer subscription expires or as soon as there is no formal reason to store this data. However, personal data linked to the alarm event log will be stored for 2 years in accordance with the certifications for the Alarm Receiving Centre.

How to get in touch with Safe4 Security Group AS:

If you need to get in  contact with Safe4 Security Group AS, please send us a mail or call our customer support centre.

Mail: kundesenter@safe4.com

Phone: (+47) 815 69 049 eller (+47) 21 93 18 12