Our Role

Contributing to consumers’ freedom to choose

Safe4 can first of all facilitate your business with  our onesti products, the Iotiliti platform, the security and the smart solutions you need to achieve IoT success in the market. We give you the freedom to connect independent products to our gateways or to connect our gateways to your existing platform. We can even help you develop your own app and market it in your own brand.

Advanced Products and Platform

Through our advanced HomeGate AiO, our IoT and device management Platform, Iotiliti, and our certified monitoring services, Safe4 creates the pre-conditions for 3rd party sensor technology to be offered to high volume portfolios. We do this via a partner-friendly and loyalty-friendly business model.

Recurring Revenue

Safe4 Security Group is an international company. Through innovative solutions and services we contribute to the IoT industry’s wish to create new recurring revenue.  The backbone of the company is our strong expertise in security, and above all, our alarm handling and monitoring services.

Finally, we are a neutral part in the world of Internet of Things and secure and guard end-users’ Big Data.

Our Mission

Partner friendly

Safe4 shall strengthen loyalty, increase profitability and provide recurring revenues for our partners and customers.

Shareholder friendly

Furthermore, Safe4 aims to increase the company value by offering advanced and innovative technological solutions on open source standards to the rapidly growing IoT market.

Employee friendly

In addition, our ambition is to attract the best expert employees, by always being in the lead of the IoT revolution.

Environment friendly

Safe4 is also eager to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable way of living. The way to achieve this is by use of advanced technology and the Internet of Things.