HealthcareMany of our security components may also be used as care devices. Sensors reacting on movements can also be programmed to send alerts on non-movements. In this way, the HomeGate is able to monitor the well-being of patients, elderly and infirm. Our Alarm Receiving Centre can call them up or alert relatives or the patients' institutions.  

Many new devices and care functions are being introduced to the market in the coming months and years. Safe4 is now testing a bracelet that will ensure the safety and welfare function for the elderly and infirm, travelers and others who may need 24/7 monitoring or assistance in emergancy situations.

We are deeply concerned about the well-being of our end-unsers when it comes to security and safety. We are thoroughly testing out our new product under various conditions, making sure that every single alarm signal reaches our Alarm Receiving Centre. We plan to go to market with MyGate during 2017.

The bracelet has a built-in GPS, fall- alarm and a panic button.

MyGate is excellent for private individuals, institutions or companies where employees work in areas where their safety is or may be at risk. 

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