Safe4 onestiHOMEGATE
Our flagship,the HomeGate offers the most advanced home security solution on the market.
The HomeGate is the hub in our domestic alarm solution and gives the consumer the freedom of choice.

This unique and innovative gateway also communicates with non-security components based on open source standards. Your customer can connect "all other" home devices and control them all through one singe app - the onesti app.

With HomeGate and additional security components, your customers do not only get a disruptive wireless alarm in their home - you can offer them a total Smart Living Concept.
Once the HomeGate is  installed they are only one step away from having a smart and intelligent home.

The onesti platform allows the consumer to pre-programme and automate different repetitive functions.
We like to say we offer "a Digital Concierge" enabling the consumer to allocate access to service personnel, family members or the handyman without even being at home. The consumer has full control from wherever through the use of the onesti app.

We recomment your customers subscribing for services from our Alarm Receiving Centre, this including monthly subscriptions or on-demand services in a range from Manned Security Services to washing of shirts and grocery deliveries.

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