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The IoT revolution opens up a wide range of new possibilities related to Smart Solutions. The demand for flexibility, safety, and mobility and people’s desire to be connected at all times, aligns well with Safe4’s slogan – “Securing Your Connected Life”

Safe4 offers end-to-end Smart Home and Smart Living solutions to industries in search of a user-friendly interface for their end-users.
Our solutions are designed for business areas like energy, telecom, or broadband/cable, as well as for those involved in security, IoT, insurance, healthcare, logistics, retail, housing development, and rental businesses.

We offer 24/7 international monitoring services from our EN certified Alarm Receiving Centre to support these solutions.

Smart Energy Management

Renewable energy has a much smaller impact on the environment than fossil fuels. Therefore, there is a focus on more eco-friendly energy sources.  Electricity is becoming a scarce resource and will become even more so simultaneously with the phasing out of fossil fuels.

Energy management is often defined as a small margin game.

Safe4’s products and solutions enable energy companies to offer opportunities for energy optimization and Smart Solutions to their end-users.

Monitoring daily the patterns of energy utilization, we can as well as simplifying consumers’ daily life, reduce the consumption. For example; heavy energy consuming devices such as car battery chargers and hot water heaters may be programmed to start outside peak consumption/price hours, thus keeping the cost of energy down.

Safe4 plays the role as the neutral administrator of end-users’ Big Data.

Grid operators’ challenges

Facing massive changes: Regulatory changes, aging power grids, decentralized production, increasing power demands, grid investments, expensive operations and increasing maintenance costs.

Safe4’s Solution

The use of technology to stimulate end-users to bring down the power peaks in the network and reduce the overall power requirements.

Power companies’ challenges

Power companies are experiencing rapid changes market changes – increasing competition between power suppliers and an increasing self-production of electricity by end-users.

Safe4’s Solution

To introduce a concept that addresses the consumer’s need to control own cost and consumption together with the ability to launch new services over time, as a loyalty-building measure.

Consumers’ challenges

End-users’ consumption of power is changing rapidly. Consumers can now produce their own power, charge their EV, have storage of proprietary power and demand-based power pricing.

Safe4’s Solution

A control system that automatically optimizes consumption, production and storage of power.

Smart Insurance

The insurance industry primarily focus on technology targeted at loss prevention, thus reducing payments of claims. As a primary goal it ought to be desirable for the insurance companies to i.e. reduce damage from water leaks in private homes, being a significant loss item.

The industry is going through a transition where insurance companies to an increasing degree will offer loss prevention technology to end-users funded through reduced anticipated claims.

Our Smart Solutions are the obvious answer to the industry’s search for such technology. The HomeGate AiO  communicates with the water-lock and will therefore automatically close it simultaneously with the last person leaving the home.

With our user-friendly solutions insurance companies can offers Smart Home solutions and residential alarms to end-users. Our system also allows in-home delivery services to be carried out even when no-one is  at home.

Smart Security

Consumers today want freedom to choose and expect Smart Solutions and Smart Products from different vendors to communicate. Also, home owners do not want several remote controls and apps. They seek simplicity and all-in-one Smart Solutions.

Our offerings meet end-users’ expectations through one single App. Using our App, the consumer can control the alarm system and the digital door-lock, as well regulate the heating, the lights and close or open the main water supply.  A range of gadgets and smart home devices can be added to the system on open source standards and controlled through the same App.

With our solutions security providers can offer on-demand services and consumer-friendly price models to the consumer market.

A security provider is already a trusted part in the lives of home-owners. By adding new opportunities such as Smart Home Solutions as an additional option, security companies can offer Smart Living Services monitored by our EN-certified Alarm Receiving Centre. In this way the security providers can expand their portfolio and services.

Smart Logistics and Consumer Services

The logistics and transport sector are traditionally very labor intensive. Safe4, by introducing more cost efficient IoT solutions and improved connectivity, will help resolving this despite the increase in e-commerce. Safe4 plays a vital part in cost reduction and simplifying people’s daily lives.

We offer Smart in-home delivery solutions where goods can be delivered in a secure environment without the home owner’s presence.

The combination of the HomeGate AiO and digital door locks contribute to the retail/e-commerce industry being able to offer in-home delivery of parcels, goods and services including assembly services on-site in one efficient operation.  The consumer has full control knowing that the in-home delivery is done in a secured and monitored environment – even without being present.

Our Smart Living Services may include all kinds of in-home delivery services from delivery of groceries, house cleaning, laundry and ironing, to gardening and handyman services. It just simplifies the consumer’s daily life.

Safe4’s EN certified Alarm Receiving Centre safeguards the security during the entire delivery and installation procedure. It is simple, safe and secure.

Smart Healthcare

The population is becoming older, and Healthcare costs are rising rapidly.  With digital Healthcare and Smart Solutions elderly can stay longer in their own home but yet in a safe and secure environment.

Safe4 solutions offers peace of mind to patients, elderly and disabled, and to their relatives.

Digital Healthcare is a supplement to Healthcare personnel. Sensors monitor the well-being of a patient and alarms will trigger a set of reactions such as remote monitoring from Respons centres or Alarm Receiving Centres. The Response centre /ARC personnel can initate two-way speech or emergency personnel being sent to the address. With digital door-locks and remote access control a locked door is no longer an issue when help arrives at the scene.

Smart Rental and Building management

Administration of keys is a never-ending struggle for housing developers and landlords.

With digital door-locks and full access control we offer less worries and full access control.

With our solutions and HomeGate AIO installed landlords can create digital access codes to tenants and visitors. These can be allocated permanently or being scheduled. The landlord has full control from his smart phone.  The digital door-locks are integrated with the security system and the Smart Home system.
In addition, one can ask our EN-certified Alarm Receiving Centre to monitor all activities  – thus leaving any worries with us.