Safe4  aims to contribute to a smarter and more eco-friendly way of living by use of advanced technology and the Internet of Things. Our ecosystem connects all smart home devices and hereby enables the consumer to control everything through one single app.

Safe4 facilitates an easier lifestyle where our solutions

  • prevent DAMAGE
  • protect LIFE and PROPERTY
  • save TIME & COSTS
  • safeguard HEALTHCARE

Safe4 – Securing Your Connected Life


Most importantly, our eco-system and products contribute to a safer environment in which people stay connected. In addition, our products not only offer secure and smart home solutions, but also helps end-users make smart environmental choices at home. For inistance, the products and solutions we offer contribute to conservation of energy by advanced energy management. Our solutions also offer remote monitoring, meaning less need for mobile manned security units and a more eco-friendly service.

Furthermore, we believe that smart IoT solutions and products can make a difference and improve medical care by giving elderly and infirm a greater freedom of choice in their own safe environment or in institutions.


We offer smart living solutions to customers and partners from different industries. Our customers, therefore, have the advantage of offering fully integrated smart home solutions to the consumer market.

Safe4’s advanced IOT platform focuses on an end-to-end smart solution. Here end-users in an easy manner have full control of the household’s security and safety, digital doorlocks and smart devices. In addition, home owners can control the household’s energy optimization – all through one single app.

Consequently, families can administrate their homes and holiday homes from anywhere  and at any time. In this way, they have no need for driving to the cabin to turn on the heating or let craftsmen in. For instance, just by downloading our user -friendly App, end-users can easily open doors, de-activate the alarm and regulate the temperature in their home.
Smart, easy, timesaving and, first and foremost, safe and eco-friendly.


We predict that companies which contribute to a sustainable energy consumption and environmental friendly solutions will be winners in near future.

For the reason that energy will become an even more scarce resource, consumers will not only seek energy efficient products. We believe that they will also seek solutions that give them the possibility of monitoring and regulating their own power consumption. In this way they can save money and also live environmental friendly.

Our ecosystems allows the end-user namely to achieve these goals in a smart and easy way. The home owner can for instance, set rules to the system and automate his energy consumption contributing to an environment-friendly home but yet achieving comfort in the home.


Safe4’s eco-system includes smart services. You can therefore i.e. offer in-home delivery services and a secure and consumer-friendly delivery of goods to private households. To his mobile phone the delivery person receives an unique code to the digital doorlock, enabling him to place the goods inside the home in a safe environment.

No need for family memberts to use private cars to the post office or getting home from work to receive parcels.  An efficient logistic improves the environmental footprints and delivers parcels and goods without the home-owner even having to be present.


Our cloud solutions offer companies less worries and gives businesses an opportunity to reduce their energy costs. The way to do this is by cutting the IT Department’s energy consumption and as a result, sending all data to secure clouds.

The reduction of carbon footprints and technologies impact on the environment will furthermore contribute to an eco-friendly low carbon society.


Our team of developers are, first and foremost, eager to create smarter and more sustainable solutions for our customers. We are concerned by environmental issues, and Safe4 is consequently committed in contributing to our customers achieving their environmental goals.


Our Alarm Receiving Centre most certainly contributes to a safer society. Safe4 receives and processes signals from ITV and all types of alarms such as fire alarms, elevator alarms, burglary alarms, robbery alarms, technical alarms and other types of signals. Safe4 monitors companies, institutions, private homes, public areas, mobile units and people traveling around the clock, 365 days a year.

For sure, remote monetoring is time and cost efficient for our customers. The need for manned security and mobile units is redused and replaced by cloud monitoring solutions. The ARC personnel have leading operator expertise and helps customers with advice and support. Safe4  protect the consumers’ Big Data and can give advice in cost efficient energy management and smart home devices.