Safe4 offers IoT solutions to the Healtcare industry
The Healthcare sector is going digital. Elderly and infirm should feel safe in their own home. Technical aids contribute to a simpler and safer life. Healthcare institutions have become aware of how technology for instance can release personnel of monitoring tasks and contribute to a safe environment for patients both in institutions and at home in their own living rooms.

Having Safe4 care solutions including digital doorlocks installed, healthcare providers can easily get access the patient's home if the patient himself has accepted this. Our electronic bracelet has a built-in GPS, panic button and man down alarm. It continuously measures eg. blood pressure, pulse and moisture. When a health value is critical, ​​ an alarm is triggered. Two-way voice communication enables the person in need of care to talk with healthcare professionals at our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Our gateway,HomeGate, reports movements, but also reacts to the absence of movements if it is programmed for such. Non-movement may indicate that a person is in need of help. Our ARC notifies relatives or others when necessary.