IoT and Device Management Platform

IoT and Device Management Platform

We provide full end-to-end server solutions with our open platform. Our core business is integration of software and application development. We can help you in tailoring your business solutions. Being a service provider we can also assist you in implementing rules and requirements to your solutions. Our platform handles your end-users’ Big Data safeguarding their privacy. Safe4 ensures that virtually any 3rd party sensor technology can be qualified and offered to high volume portfolios through a partner-friendly and loyalty-friendly business model.

Moving forward with Open Source Standard

With this platform we move forward with enhanced IoT-technology, suited to serve partners’ and customers’ demands within security, smart homes and healthcare services.

Safe4 offers an open source standard and secure gateway for all verticals and industries to aggregate  Big Data analytics and last mile operations through international monitoring services from our Alarm Receiving Centre and partner eco-systems.
Our legacy from the security industry is part of  our DNA.

Offering you the Freedom To Choose

How our platform works

  • Analyses and handles sensor and network status
  • Filters, stores and distributes all collected data
  • Presenting data to clients through well-documented APIs
  • Full audit logging of all incidents
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Communicates with a home using secure MQTT
  • High level APIs for many types of devices (ie., door locks)
  • Low level API for full control of each sensor
  • Rule engine API
  • Groups and scenes API
  • Bootstrapping server across environments, to support moving gateways between different servers, global firmware upgrades and configuration

Your benefits

  • Management of both devices and data
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Standardized servers and protocols
  • End-to-end platform; (Big Data, BI and applications, administration and server portals, flexible installation, On-site or private/public cloud solutions
  • Service Provider oriented
  • Additional services from an EN-certified Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Possibilities of expanding your offerings by Smart Living Services and in-home delivery services monitored by our certified ARC

The glue in the value chain

The IoT Platform links the hardware and the services together. Through effective capturing of data, transport and response – the IoT platform can activate and request professional response services to incidents in the physical architecture. The platform makes data available for those who need it.

Open, intelligent and scalable

The architecture is based on modern principles and meets the needs of future pattern recognition, machine learning and AI. The technology runs on all server configurations and can be scaled to handle unlimited amount of data. The architecture allows third party integrations for all types of hardware and is ready to provide services based on future business models.

App-ready Wireless Platform

Accelerate your IoT business with our open wireless platform. Our IoT development platform offers flexibility and interoperability, making it easy for you to build apps on top of it.


We offer you the infrastructure you need. Through our gateway we give you the “I” in the “Internet of Things” and make your devices Internet capable.

Receiving Centre

The technological platform at our Alarm Receiving Centre makes sure that incidents are monitored and alarms are handled in a professional environment

Our application